How do I get Manager or Admin Permissions?

Most organizations using Instant assign Admin permissions internally. If you need to have Manager or Admin roles assigned, please consult internally at your organization to determine who will need to exert the change to your Instant profile. It is typically a regional manager or Instant System admin from your organization.

If you reach out to Instant Support with a roles request and we cannot assign it, we will direct you back to your organization. 

All payments processed through the Instant Back Office app are time, date, and name-stamped. Each Manager must have their own Instant account, with their own private email username and login credentials. Never save your username or password to the browser, and never share your credentials with anyone. You are responsible for upholding the security of your Manager account. If you fear you have shared your credentials with someone else, please change your password immediately through the "Forgot Password" link at login. Do not create a second, false account as this can interfere with your permissions and roles. 

If Roles and Permissions are assigned by Instant Manager Support, please follow these instructions so we can assist you as quickly as possible:

  1. Please create an Instant account that is associated with your first name, last name, and email username of choice. Use Manager code 8055123 to bypass the card activation step, and add your job location within the app. 
  2. Once your Instant account is live and present in the Employee list at your store location, please email from your store's business email address. Do not email us from your work or personal email. In this way, we can authenticate that you are a Manager in store, with access to the back office computer and to your store's email address inbox. 
  3. In the email to, please include the following details:
    • First and last name associated with your account
    • email address your account is configured with
    • Manager access required
  4. Please know that if Instant feels they require an additional level of verification or for security reasons, need to authenticate your identity further, we may choose to communicate with an Instant admin from your organization.