How do I access funds in my account?

You've got many ways to access your funds! There are some avoidable, convenience fees for you to be aware of. 

  1. Spend directly off the card at no cost. Simply process your payment at the merchant, like you would with any other credit or debit card. You can make purchases online or in store. 

  2. Transfer to an external bank account:
    1. 1-2 day option - 1 free per week (fees may apply for additional usage, review your card agreement for details) - send before 1pm Eastern Time to receive next business day
    2. Real-time option - please review your card agreement for applicable fee amount - lands within 30 minutes 

  3. ATM cash withdrawal:
    1. From within our Partner ATM network - FREE - we have over 33,000 MoneyPass ATM's available for your use - find the ATM locator on the MoneyPass website
    2. A Visa-enabled off-network ATM - $2.50 charged by Instant, and any applicable services such as balance check or transaction decline - the ATM itself will charge you for using their service, and Instant has no control over this. Avoid these fees by looking up a MoneyPass ATM - we have over 33,000!

  4. Cashback at participating merchants at no charge. Instant does not charge you for cashback, but double check with the merchant that they do not charge you for their service

    See? So many free options to access your hard earned funds. Please also refer to your fee schedule for any program specific information.Copy_of_Evergreen_-__Instant_Tips_Manager_Training_2019__1_.jpg