How do I add new location to Back Office?

The following instructions are relevant if you are already fully live with payments and have completed the Activation phase. Perhaps you have purchased one or more new locations and as a result, need to get them set up for using Instant Tips. 

Congratulations on expanding the Instant Tips program! To start the process of adding a location to Instant, please send a completed copy of the Instant Location List Template to 

Alternatively, you can send an email to with the following information for all of the locations that you would like added to the Instant system:

Location Name: The name that the location will be listed under in our system; this is what you should instruct employees to search for in the Instant App when they're adding the location to their profile.

Location Number: The location number used within your organization.

Entity Name: The name of the business entity that the location operates under.

Address: The location's full address.

Timezone: The relevant timezone to the location being added (please ensure this is correct, otherwise this may affect reporting)

Contact Name: The person who should be contacted if our team needs to reach out to the location regarding an Instant-related matter.

Location Email Address: An email address that our team can contact in the event of an Instant-related matter.

Phone Number: The valid telephone contact number for the location (not the head office).

Expected Tipped Employee Count: How many employees receive tips at the location.

Go Live Date: The first day that tips payments will be made through Instant.

Do you need cards or not: Yes or No and do we ship cards to one location or multiple locations 

Once we have received all of the relevant information, a member of the Instant Activation team will reach out to coordinate the delivery of materials and ensure all details have been addressed ahead of the go-live date.

Estimated Completion Time: Please provide all of the relevant information at least 10 business days before you plan to go-live with new location(s). This gives our team enough time to have the location(s) configured and ready for Instant Tips. A member of the activation team will notify you that the locations are ready for employees to add themselves to via the Instant App.

Instant Location List Template