How do I close my Instant Financial account?

While we're sad to see you, we understand that circumstances change. And that's cool.

The Instant team needs 1-2 weeks notice to process account closure requests. If you want to close and remove all of your locations, please follow these steps: 

  • Send a written request to Please indicate the last day of operations so that we can block payments. 
  • If applicable, please let us know if the stores are being sold, so we can reach out to the new owners and see if they would like to continue with the program.
  • Our Support team will then send you a Termination Letter that will need to be signed within two business days
  • Once the Termination Letter has been signed, we’ll proceed to block payments and close all locations.
  • Make sure you have sent any funds owed to the relevant Instant float account. Our Accounting team may reach out to reconcile your account. 
  • In case there are funds left in your account, we’ll need a copy of a void check to process a refund.
  • In the case your account is overdrawn, we request an ACH or Wire be sent to your relevant Instant Float account
  • You will have until your termination date to access the payroll and reports functions in the Instant Back Office.