How do I file a dispute?

Instant Visa Debit Cards are backed by Visa’s Zero Liability Fraud Protection via Sutton Bank. Instant works with our payment processing partner, Incomm, to resolve any filed dispute(s).  If you suspect a transaction is fraudulent or there has been a service issue/error, follow this process to first secure your card, and then file a claim with our .  

Step 1: Go to the use Instant App to block your card immediately to prevent any further transactions. This feature can be found in the Help section.

Step 2: You can raise a dispute from the help screen of the Instant App by opening a Chat window with our Support team. You can also call the number on the back of your card to speak with an agent. 

Please note: Disputes can only be raised for transactions that are finalized, and not pending or pre-authorized state. If the transaction is pending, please put your account in block status to help prevent any further transactions. We will always need to wait for the transaction to finalize before a dispute can be raised. In some cases, the transaction is rejected and may never settle. 

Step 3: Get a new card from your employer and activate it on your existing account. This will help speed up the process of accessing your funds. Important: do not create a new account. This will slow down the process. Your remaining balance on your Instant card will only transfer automatically if you use your original account.

Step 4: After reporting the transaction(s) you wish to dispute the case is received, and within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation email and a Dispute Package. This Dispute Package will ask for basic information related to the fraudulent transaction(s). 

Step 5:  Send the completed Dispute Package back to Card Services via email at as soon as possible. Card Services will respond with an update on the claim within ten days of starting the dispute process.

  • Cases can take up to 45 to 90 days to be solved. depending on the circumstances and the type of transaction. However, the majority of claims are solved within two weeks.
  • Please be aware of that the merchant can choose to dispute the claim which could prolong the process.
  • If you send the Dispute Package within 10 business days of starting the dispute, you may be eligible to obtain provisional credit in the amount of your claim.
  • Be sure to include as much evidence when filing a dispute as possible such police report, your time clock if applicable, video footage, or any other documentation to assist with the dispute.

Step 6: You will receive a notice once the decision on the case has been made and, if necessary, the money will be refunded to your Instant card.

Note : If you wish to reopen your dispute or if you have additional questions regarding the final resolution, you can send an email to with any supporting documents to reopen your dispute.