How do I file a dispute?

If you suspect fraud or a service error, secure your card and file a claim through Instant Support.

Instant Visa Debit Cards are backed by Visa’s Zero Liability Fraud Protection via Sutton Bank. Instant works with our payment processing partner, Incomm, to resolve any filed dispute(s).  

Step 1: Use the Instant App to immediately block your card and prevent further transactions.

Step 2: To dispute a transaction, open a Chat window in the Instant App or call the number on your card to speak with an agent.

Disputes can only be raised for finalized transactions.

If a transaction is pending, please block your account to prevent further transactions.

Step 3: Get a new card from your employer and activate it on your existing account. 

Step 4: Once the disputed transaction(s) are reported to Instant Support, you will receive a confirmation email and a Dispute Package within 24 hours, requesting basic information regarding the fraudulent transaction(s).

Step 5: Email the completed Dispute Package to for a response within ten days.

How long can I expect to wait for a resolution?
Legally, a dispute resolution could take up to 45 to 90 days depending on the type of transaction.  That being said, most of our disputes are solved within the first 2-3 weeks.  

  • Please be aware of that the merchant can choose to dispute the claim which could prolong the process.
  • The dispute team will contact you by email (from within the required timeframe with updates on your case
  • Be sure to include as much evidence when filing a dispute as possible such police report, your time clock if applicable, video footage, or any other documentation to assist with the dispute.

Step 6: You will receive a notice from the dispute team once the decision on the case has been made.

Note: To reopen your dispute or for any additional questions, email with supporting documents.