How do I fund my float?

Sutton Bank is a federally chartered FDIC member-insured financial institution that is directly connected to the Instant platform. As Instant’s partner bank, they will be conducting the due diligence process that will allow you to fund your Instant float. Once complete you will receive a pre-autorized debit agreement that you will complete to set up a float funding schedule.

Funding your Instant Tips Float

The recommended initial funding amount for your Instant Tips float account is 125% of your locations’ credit card tips. This amount can be calculated based on the frequency you will replenish the float (daily or weekly) and must be received before processing tip payments. This amount or the frequency can be changed anytime by contacting the Instant accounting team.

Replenishing your Instant Tips Float

It is your responsibility to monitor float reporting in the Instant Back Office via the Float Activity Report to ensure there are sufficient funds to cover your employees’ tip payments. As business fluctuates or new locations are added, this means you will need to work with the Instant accounting team to increase or decrease the float amount to cover the increase or decrease in Instant Tip payments.