How do I order more Instant cards for my location?

Send Manager Support an email with your request.

How to place an Order:

  • Send a new email with a formal request for cards to
  • Please include
    • the total number of employees on your roster in-store
    • number of cards you are requesting
    • your shipping address 
    • and any other pertinent details (ex. "I am ordering for my 2 stores that I oversee").

NoteThis email should not be sent from a personal email address, it should come from either the store email or the corporate email address.  Instant Support may ask you to resubmit the request from a corporate or store email. 

🚧 Certain clients offer Instant cards at a corporate level, allowing you to place your order through your home office or district leader.

Additional Notes to be aware of:

  1. Please keep tabs on your Instant card inventory in-store. Place your card order before you reach 0 on hand. Plan ahead and make your orders in a timely manner.
  2. Orders must be new emails. If you reply to a previous email to submit a new order it is attached to a closed ticket and may be missed.
  3. Instant will aim to pack & ship your cards within 7-10 business days of receiving your request but cannot guarantee a timeline. Instant will not ship overnight or Express complimentary. 
  4. Instant will confirm receipt of your Instant card order request via your initial email request.
  5. Please ensure you fully indicate your store shipping address, zip code, complete with any ATTN name or suite number or we will have difficulty creating the shipment. We will not accept responsibility for missed shipments if provided the incorrect shipping address or details.