I am getting the error "invalid token" when logging into my Instant Back Office admin account.

Invalid Token means you are using a authenticator code that is not associated with your current password or it has expired.

When you see this error it most likely means the authenticator code you are using has expired or is not the token linked to your Instant Account. 

Here are some troubleshooting steps:

  1. Verify you are using the correct token for your Instant account and not another website
  2. If you have multiple tokens for the Instant site, it is best to delete them all and create a new one by resetting your password through the Forgot Password feature.  Once your password is reset you can create a new token
  3. Wait until the token resets in your app.  Most apps reset the token numbers every minute and if you enter in a code that is almost expired the login will not work
  4. Make sure you enter the password and the token within the same timeframe
  5. If you got a new device make sure the multi-factor authentication app you used for your codes are transferred over