Release Notes - June 4, 2024

Completed a few system integrations, cardholder emails for failed bank transfers, all app versions updated, fixed various app issues or bugs

  • The Instant App required everyone to update to the latest version and the app URL now redirects to the most recent version of the app. Sunsetted manual Instant Pay requests
  • Rosnet integration for Instant Tips completed
  • Proliant integration for Instant Pay completed
  • Recurring transfers will be canceled when there is insufficient funds or a failure occurs.  Cardholders will be alerted via email to take a look at their bank transfer set up
  • Fixed an onboarding bug where the app incorrectly asked about a payroll status
  • Fixed an issue where the Instant Pay button was being displayed when Instant Pays were disabled
  • Fixed a bug for ISolved clients regarding the "Add Employees Report"
  • Fixed an issue where Managers could see other job locations not associated to their admin permissions