Release Notes - October 27, 2023

Updates to shift duration display in the Instant App, onboarding if you use both Instant Pay and Instant Tips, updates to a contact number for Real Time Bank Transfers and resolving a couple of known issues

  • Employees will now see total shift duration vs. clock in and clock out times in the Instant App when viewing details about their accepted Instant Pay Offers


  • Clients who use both Instant Pay/Pay Card and Instant Tips now have access to a new screen in the onboarding section. This screen makes it easier for employees to choose whether they want to participate in Payroll or opt out.

  • Updated a contact number in the Real Time Bank Transfer screen of the Instant App to the Instant Support card holder phone number
  • Resolved a problem where employee addresses were not being accurately populated in the Instant App when employers utilized our Online Enrollment feature to create accounts.
  • Resolved an issue where certain employees were experiencing problems with fee schedule assignments.