The Shifts Report, Unmapped Shifts and Unmapped Employees

This article will detail how to read and use the 3 reports: Shifts, Unmapped Shifts, and Unmapped Employees reports* in the Back Office.


This section is where one can see the details of shift data that has been recorded on our system. If Instant did not receive shift data you will not see anything in this report.

  • Search bar You can find the specific employee you are looking for by entering their details here.
  • Date Range You can view shift data for a particular range of dates by highlighting the desired ones.
  • Clock In/Out Time This denotes the times in which the employee was recorded to have started and ended their shift. 
  • Received Time This is the time in which Instant received the shift data from the employer.
  • No Instant Pay Reason The issue which caused the employee to not receive an Instant Pay offer. These are a few of the common possibilities: 

    • All Instant Pay Offers Blocked For Employee - The employer has turned off the employee’s ability to receive Instant Pay offer.
    • No Clock Out Time - An offer cannot be created without the shift completion time recorded and received.
    • Job Not Eligible For Instant Pay - Within certain locations, not all jobs are eligible for Instant Pay.
    • No Active And Verified Job For This Employee - Employee Is missing a job from their profile
    • Hourly Rate is 0 - The employee’s wage has not been updated and an offer could not be generated.
  • Notified At The time in which the employee was sent a notification of an Instant Pay offer being made.
  • Pay Taken At The time in which the employee accepted their offer. If this field is empty, this means that the employee did not accept the offer.

Note: Instant receives clock in/out data from employers, we do not have the ability to change/edit this data that has been received. If an employee feels that there is a discrepancy with their shift data, refer them to their location manager.

Unmapped Shifts

This report is where one can see shift data that has been successfully received for employees but do not have an Instant account or we are unable to generate an Instant Pay offer for them because they have not been mapped to shift data yet.

Use the search field and date stamps to narrow down your results.

Unmapped Employees

This report shows all the employee census data that has been successfully received by Instant but does not have an Instant account we can map it to.  This could be because it doesn't exist yet or there is a data mismatch between Instant and the census file. This is usually due to information such as First Name, Last Name or Date of Birth being incorrect.


*If you do not have access to view this Report in the Instant Back Office, it may be because of the admin role assigned to you. To request access, you can communicate with your organization's Instant Sponsor or Operations coordinator. If they agree that you should have access, they will be able to update your role.