The Payments Report

This article will detail how to read and use the Payments report in the Back Office.

Please note, depending on the permissions and roles you have assigned in the Instant Back Office application, you may or may not have access to view this Report. If you believe you should have access to this report, please communicate with your organization's Instant Sponsor or Operations coordinator. If they agree you should have this permission assigned, they may be able to assign it to you, or you can reach out to, CC them, and request this permission be added. 

The Payments Report:

This is a list of all processed payments made through the Instant Back Office. 

This report is used to break down all of the payments in the locations that have been selected.

Float: If there is more than one float, you can select which one you would like to view from this drop-down menu.

Processed Start/End Date: These two boxes will allow you to set the start and end dates of the range that you will like to view. If there is a specific timeframe that you would like to look at payments for, this is the box you need to adjust in order to view the range you are looking for.

Time Zone: You can change the time zone to alter the timestamps for the payments that are displayed.

Date Range Presets: If you would like to view a specific range of time (7 days, 14 days etc.) please use this drop-down menu to select this.

Type: If there are different types of payments made at your locations, you can filter them here by selecting which payment you would like to view.

Employee: This shows you which employee has received the payment for the line in question.

Type: This is the type of payment that has been delivered. This can be one of several different types, e.g. Instant Pay, Balance of Pay, General Payment etc.

Date: This is the date that the payment has been allocated for; if it is a Balance of Pay, it will be a date range but if it is anything else, it will be for a specific day.

Processed: This is the time and date in which the payment was delivered.

Amount: This is the value of the payment that was delivered.