The Daily Tips Report

This article details how to read and use the Daily Tips report* in the Back Office

This report is used to track the total amount of tips paid through Instant. It is commonly used by location managers to enter the total tip payment amount into their POS system to reconcile their daily or weekly earnings.
The report provides columns to view
  • the employee who received the tip payment,
  • the time the payment was processed,
  • the date the tip was allocated to,
  • the total payment amount,
  • and the manager who processed the payment.
  • Additionally, the report includes any information on tips reversals.
You can filter by date and employee:
Filter by date: This gives you the ability to view one single day, or you could filter by an extended period of time giving you an overview of how much in tips paid out over a week, month, etc. 
Filter by employee name: This will narrow down all tip payments paid out to one particular employee. You can use the date filter with the employee filter to see all tips paid out to one particular employee over a certain time period.

*If you do not have access to view this Report in the Instant Back Office, it may be because of the admin role assigned to you. To request access, you can communicate with your organization's Instant Sponsor or Operations coordinator. If they agree that you should have access, they will be able to assign it to you.