Understanding the Daily Tips Report

This article details how to read and use the Daily Tips report in the Back Office

Please note, depending on the permissions and roles you have assigned in the Instant Back Office application, you may or may not have access to view this Report. If you believe you should have access to this report, please communicate with your organization's Instant Sponsor or Operations coordinator. If they agree you should have this permission assigned, they may be able to assign it to you, or you can reach out to mgrsupport@instant.co, CC them, and request this permission be added. 

The Daily Tips Report:

This report is used know the total amount of tips being paid through Instant and is often used by the location manager to enter in tips paid out in Instant to their POS system to reconcile their day/week.
This is a helpful report when researching tip transactions. 
 This report includes columns to see the time the tip payment was processed as well as the manager who processed the tip payment.
 This report also details any tips reversals as well as successful tip payments. Ensuring that you have full view of all tip transactions within this report. 
You can filter by date and employee:
Filter by date: This gives you the ability to view one single day, or you could filter by an extended period of time giving you an overview of how much in tips paid out over a week, month, etc. 

Filter by employee name: This will narrow down all tip payments paid out to one particular employee. You can use the date filter with the employee filter to see all tips paid out to one particular employee over a certain time period.