The Float Activity Report

This article will detail how to read and use the Float Activity report* in the Back Office.

Float Activity is a ledger of debits and credits related to your Instant float, so you can keep track of the balance. The balance is in the upper right hand corner.  

If you do not have enough money in your float, your payments to employees can fail. Work with the Instant accounting team to adjust your PAD agreement pulls to avoid these scenarios. 

You can move between your floats using the Float drop down menu and can view different types of float transactions using the Type drop down menu.

These are all possible Types of Transactions you may see in your float:

  • Float Replenishment/Reconciliation will be your first float deposit and any subsequent deposits made to cover payments through Instant
  • Bank Credit/Payroll Deposit credits will be posted within 24 hours of receiving payroll funds at Sutton.  These deposits are generated when you process payroll in your payroll system
  • Instant Pay debits are offers accepted by your employees
  • Payroll is the amount disbursed on payday and equal the net pay for that pay period
  • Instant Pays Repaid sum of the Instant Pays that are paid back to the float for the pay period 
  • Tips are disbursed by your managers through the Instant Back Office
  • General Payments are misc. payments sent to your employees
  • Reversals are any payments reversed through the Instant Back Office

*If you do not have access to view this Report in the Instant Back Office, it may be because of the admin role assigned to you. To request access, you can communicate with your organization's Instant Sponsor or Operations coordinator. If they agree that you should have access, they will be able to update your role.