What do I do if my Instant Card has been lost/stolen?

If your card is missing, go to your Dashboard and select card options "LOCK YOUR CARD" immediately.

This will temporarily disable your card, giving you time to find it or get a new one. 

Blocking your Instant Card will prevent any spend until you find your card or connect a new one to the Instant App. 

  • You can unlock your card once found in the Dashboard, then card options and Unlock your card. 

To report an unauthorized transaction, contact Instant Support to file a dispute.

  • Chatting with us in the More section of the app and choose Chat with us
  • Call the number 1-844-466-9361 on the back of your Instant Card to report possible unauthorized use.

Your Instant Visa card is protected by Visa's Zero Liability policy: Visa's Zero Liability Policy

You are responsible for card care, control, and PIN confidentiality. Contact our support team for assistance.