What do I do if my Instant Card is expiring?

If your card is expiring within the next 1-3 months, please plan ahead to ensure you always have access to your funds on your Instant account:

  1. If you are still employed at the organization where you were issued the card, simply get a new one from your Manager in store.
  2. If you are no longer employed there and have no access to a new Instant card, you can access your funds before the card expires by:
    1. Spending down the balance to $0
    2. Transferring remaining balance to another bank account
    3. Withdrawing funds from an ATM
  3. After the card expires, you will not be able to make any point of sale purchases or withdraw from an ATM. You can still transfer funds to another bank account or connect a new Instant card. 

Reach out to Instant support if you need additional assistance.