What do the statuses indicate on the Transaction History screen?

Payment statuses in Transaction History indicate if the payment was successful or not.


Status Definition
Success The payment was processed successfully
Failed-Retrying The payment was not processed and is attempting to be retried by the Instant System.  This will update to either Success, Failed or No Card after attempting to retry  
Failed The payment was not processed. This may be due to an error with the card (such as restricted status) or a system connection error
No Card The employee you are trying to pay does not have a card connected to their Instant account
Card Error There is an issue with the account or card status for the employee you are trying to pay. Please direct them to call the number on the back of their card to speak with our team. This is a private cardholder issue that they will need to resolve before you can process payment(s) to their card
Pending The payment will be processed on the scheduled date; this typically applies to payroll or other payments that are scheduled for a future time and date

The original payment was reversed.

If a payment fails to Reverse, it could be that there are not enough funds on the employee's card to reverse the full amount of the original payment

Canceled The payment has been canceled and cannot be paid to the employee.  You must submit a new payment.

To reprocess the payment, ensure the reason for error has been resolved, then select the transaction and click Retry.

To cancel the payment, select the transaction and click Cancel.