What if I can't find the list of new employees that need to verified?

To verify new employees:

  1. In the Instant Back Office, go to the People menu. Unverified employees will be displayed within the Pending tab along the top of the screen.
  2. Click into the Pending tab to see all of your Pending employees and how long they have been pending for. 
  3. Click Verify to confirm that this employee is employed here. If you are payroll and/or clocking system-integrated, this person may have not been approved automatically due to a name or date of birth mismatch. See instructions at bottom to troubleshoot.
  4. Click Deny if this person does not work here. It may be that this person has accidentally added your job location if it has a similar name to their correct job location.
  5. Click on the employee photo to view more details for the person.
  6. Admins can be opted into a Daily Pending Employees email. This email will allow you to manage employees who are not being automatically approved if you have census integration. 

If an employee has been pending for several days and there is a mismatch in the first name, last name, or date of birth between the census and the employee's app, you need to enter their Employee ID and/or clocking ID on their profile and Verify their account.