What is an Inactivity Fee and how can I avoid it?

Inactivity means no transaction activity on the Instant Account for a specified amount of time (where allowable by law)

You can find your exact agreements by going to the Help screen in your Instant App and scrolling to the bottom to find "Card Holder Agreement"

Inactivity defined in our CHA:
"For this card, we define inactivity as a card that has not had any cardholder-initiated transaction that would either add to or decrement funds from the card" 
Inactivity fees are 90 days for most states 
4 states - Pennsylvania, Illinois, Vermont and Connecticut say 1 year of no activity before a fee is charged
2 states - Minnesota and New York have no inactivity fee
Some ways to avoid Inactivity:
  • Deposit of funds
  • Spend using your card
  • Use an ATM
  • Transfer Funds

After a certain time frame of no activity (varies from state to state) funds are required to be escheated to the state.  Once escheated, card holders must work with the state to claim the funds.

If your balance is $0.00 no fee will be applied.