What is Instant Tips?

Lucky you! Your employer offers the benefit of Instant Tips. No need to wait around or come back at a later date to collect cash!

You now have free and instant access to your tips after every shift via the Instant prepaid Visa card. Your earnings are immediately accessible on your card as soon as your Manager processes them through the Instant Back Office. 

Access Your Funds:

  1. Instant Card - Make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted
  2. Bank Transfer - Transfer funds to another bank account one time or schedule recurring transfers (next business day if processed before 1pm EST). We also have real-time transfers available for a small fee. Please refer to your fee schedule for additional information. 

  3. Free ATM's - Access to 33,000 free MoneyPass ATMs www.moneypass.com
  4. Cashback - At participating merchants


If you'd like more information, check out the Instant Tips poster in your store or ask your Manager for more details. Also, ask a fellow tipped team member who has been on the program for a while - they are sure to have handy tips to suggest! 

Other Helpful FAQs:

  1. Where can I make purchases with my Instant Visa card?
  2. Why have I not received my Tips/Wages?
  3. How do I transfer money from my Instant account to a bank account?