Where can I make purchases with my Instant Card?

Your Instant card is a prepaid Visa® card. Purchases can be made with your Instant card wherever Visa® cards are accepted, including online. Your PIN is required for ATM transactions, and Visa Debit transactions. The maximum amount that can be spent on your Card per day is $2,500. The maximum value of your card is restricted to $10,000.

If you are making a purchase online, you'll need to enter your card Billing address exactly as you entered in the Instant app. If you ever need to change your address, open your app menu, go to Settings, then "Update Personal Info". You will need to enter your password to make any changes.

Retailers like gas stations, hotels, car rentals, and restaurants may place a pre-authorization on the card which is often higher than the final purchase amount. The pre-authorization will get refunded back to the card, but sometimes this can take several days, depending on the retailer.

To avoid a pre-authorization hold, select 'debit' instead of 'credit' and use your PIN to complete your purchase.