Why is my Instant Card getting declined?

Transactions can be declined for insufficient balance, wrong PINs, card status or other data mismatches.

If your card is being declined it could be because of one of these reasons:

    Possible Decline Reason Next Steps
    Not enough funds You don't have a sufficient balance for the transaction - check your balance in the app's dashboard.
    Wrong PIN You entered in the wrong PIN too many times so your card is in an on hold status - reset your PIN by calling the number on the back of your card
    Typo Make sure you are entering in the 16 digit card and CCV numbers correctly. 
    Mismatched data Online purchases require addresses and names to match what is on your Instant Account.  
    International transaction At this time your Instant Card is unable to make international purchases
    Maximum limits Daily spend limits are $2,500 and ATM limits are $1,000.  You may have already hit these limits today
    Card status Your card could be in a Lost/Stolen status or blocked for some other reason.  Blocks are put on your card to protect your funds.  Call the number on the back of your card to make sure your card is Active.