Why is my Instant Pay turned off?

Outside the situation of an overpayment of Instant Pay, we determine your eligibility from the information Instant receives from your employer. Keep in mind, Instant does not have visibility of any garnishments or deductions.

Here are some possible reasons your Instant Pay feature may be turned OFF:

  1. There is a wage garnishment on your earnings - this could be something like student loans, child support, etc
  2. There is a deduction on your earnings - this could be something like a contribution to a health plan through work, or a retirement savings plan, etc.
  3. You have recently been overpaid by your employer - Instant Pays are now temporarily turned off while you are in an overpaid status. Once your pay check amount has paid back any overpayments, you may become eligible for Instant Pays again.
  4. If you have changed your payment method, your instant pay feature will be disabled. 

If you believe the above scenarios do not apply, first, please look carefully at your check stub to see if you have any any garnishments or deductions. Your employer must provide you with your pay stubs. If you are not eligible for instant pay offers, you will still receive your pay check through Instant and use your card for transactions, withdrawals, and bank transfers.

Second, please ask your employer for more information on why you may be turned off. Your Manager in store likely does not have access to this information either - your payments and check stubs contain private information. Please ask your Manager about the best way to ask for more information about deductions from your net check if it is not clear on your pay stub.