What if there is an employee pending that I don't recognize?

When employees download the Instant Financial app and indicate they work at your location, they will be listed on the Pending tab of the People page.

If you do not recognize a pending employee:

  1. Click the employees name to expand the Full Profile and view additional details for the person; check their full name, address, and date of birth.
  2. If your organization has a Payroll or Census Integration, please check that this employee has not entered an alternate name and that the details match your payroll or HRIS system.
  3. If they do not work for you, or you determine this is a false second account (duplicate account) click Deny. You can enter a reason with the denial which will send a message to the person that you have declined their request to be added to your location in Instant.

If you deny and employee by mistake, the employee can re-add the job.