Why did the payment I attempted to process fail?

Although rare, payments can fail during processing for a few reasons.  It is important to address the reason the payment failed so it can be retried and successfully processed.


  • Employees Instant card may have an issue or has not been activated yet
    • Check their Instant Account for an Active Card.  
    • If they don’t have one, ask them to pair a card to their account.
    • Your employe can call the number on the back of their card for further assistance 
  • The payment would push the employee’s account over the max balance allowed
    • Employers won’t know the balance of an employee's account, but can work with the employee to see if this may be causing the payment to not process successfully.
  • The employee you are trying to pay has not been verified
    • Make sure the account is verified and active under the people screen with an active card.
  • There is not enough money in the Instant Float account to pay your employees
    • Check with your company’s Instant admin to make sure funds are available
  • A minor system issue or maintenance
    • These typically correct themselves once the system issue is resolved or maintenance is completed. No action needed and the payments will retry automatically.