What do I do if a payment fails?

When processing payments, there are several statuses that might be presented in the Transaction History screen that indicate if a payment was not processed successfully.

If a payment fails, please DO NOT re-enter a new transaction as it may result in duplicate payments. You should attempt to resolve the reason for the error, and then Retry any failed payments. 

Failure statuses:

Failed: the payment was not processed. This may be due to an error with the card (such as restricted status) or a system connection error.

No Card: the employee you are trying to pay does not have a card connected to their Instant account. Once the employee has connected a card to their Instant account, the transaction will display a status of Retry

Card Error: there is an issue with the account or card status of the employee you are trying to pay. Please direct them to call the number on the back of their card and follow the instructions to speak with our card services team. This is a private cardholder issue that they will need to resolve before you can process payment(s) to their card. 

How to retry a failed payment:

To retry a failed payment, go to the Transaction History in the Back Office and select the check box at the left of the failed transaction, then click on Retry. Once the transaction status displays as Success, your payment has been loaded to your employee's card. 


Similarly, if there are multiple payments you would like to retry, you can manually select the failed payments you'd like to retry, or you can click 'Retry Failed' in the bottom right corner. 


Here's a video we created to help you out: