I am getting an error when trying to add my Instant Card to my smartphone wallet.

Make sure your card is active and you have a balance or it won't pair to your phone's wallet.

Your Instant Card must have a positive balance and be active in order for it to successfully add to your phone's wallet.  

To check your balance see this FAQ - How do I check my balance?

And to check if your card is active see this FAQ - How do I know my card is activated?

If your card is active and you have a balance, but your smartphone still won't let you add your Instant Card double check the following 

  1. Your phone is up to date
  2. Your internet or data connection is strong
  3. You have entered in all the correct data (card number, expiration date etc)
  4. Try exiting the app, restarting your phone and trying again.  It could be a temporary issue with the wallet itself
  5. If you get a specific error message screenshot it and reach out to Instant Support to help troubleshoot